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  Crow   John Wortley is professor emeritus of medieval history at the university of Manitoba (Canada), where he taught Byzantine studies for over thirty years. John was a recent Leverhulme visiting professor at QUB and a visiting fellow in the Hellenic Institute at Princeton University. Best known for his work on Byzantine 'beneficial tales' (alias 'the folklore of the desert') he is just completing, in cooperation with his colleagues in Paris, an annotated translation of the Synopsis of Histories by the eleventh-century Greek historian, John Scylitzes. For some years he has also been studying the role of relics in Byzantine culture, more specifically the stages by which the enormous relic-hoard of Constantinople was assembled prior to its diffusion after 1204. He intends to develop and to lecture on this aspect of his work while in Belfast. As an Anglican priest heavily committed to oecumenism
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