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    About the AHRC Centre for Byzantine Cultural History    

The aim of the centre is to make a significant advance in the interdisciplinary study of Byzantium, to make imaginative use of resources, to foster existing collaborations and encourage others, and to create a series of research training courses which will produce literary scholars who can read material culture as well as literature, and art historians and archaeologists with a facility for using text. This can be achieved through:

1. International, collaborative, and interdisciplinary projects on monasticism, narrative in text and image, literary networks, Constantinople, colour and gender, as well as the individual research of the director and associate directors and their research staff, who will develop further projects to succeed present ones.

2. Conferences, colloquia and day schools which will bring together different combinations of scholars across all the projects and collaborations.

3. A suite of training MAs which will produce textual scholars capable of handling visual and material evidence, archaeologists and art historians capable of using texts, and an enhanced basic disciplinary diploma and MA designed to produce all-round Byzantinists.

4. Published texts, colloquium papers, monographs, CD Roms, websites, a journal, a newsletter and a large popular (but full of cutting-edge research) volume from Routledge on The Byzantine World.

The infrastructure of the Belfast institute will build connections and book-exchanges with  institutes of Byzantine Studies abroad, provide basic language teaching in a range of medieval languages, host seminars within Belfast as demand arises among medievalists and arrange all-Ireland networks of general interest. The publishing concern, Belfast Byzantine Texts and Translations, will enable early publication.

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