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Conferences, colloquia and dayschools
The AHRB Centre has its own programme of events: dayschools like Gender (Sussex, 2001), Dreams (Belfast 2002), colloquia like: Masculinity (Sussex, 2002), Skylitzes (Belfast, 2002). AHRB Centre conferences are planned as follows: Art, Archaeology and Text (Newcastle, 10 December 2004), Medieval Friendship (Belfast, 2004), Performance (Belfast, 2005). Book launches are held and exhibitions planned (currently a display of Macedonian costume to connect with a day-school on costume, and a display of icons from Ireland in the Ulster Museum, Belfast); and in October 2002 there was a major reception to inaugurate the Benefactors' Library. Throughout 2003 there were a series of events to record and publicise the painting of the meta-Byzantine mural in the Institute of Byzantine Studies' yard

Recent events
August 2004: Medieval Friendship Conference (24-27 August, Queen's University Belfast)

Forthcoming events
December 2004: Art, Archaeology and Text (10 December, Newcastle)
April 2005: XXXIX Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies: Performance Indicators (2-5 April, Queen's University Belfast)
Summer 2005: Irish Patristics Conference, Salvation (Belfast)

Byzantium in Belfast Seminar Series
A seminar series held usually on Wednesday evenings at 8 pm in G0–G02, 5 University Square.

  Hagia Sophia (R. Bayliss)  
      Study tour to Istanbul
Postgrads within the Centre enjoy an annual subsidised tour of Istanbul
Byzantine Greek
Summer School

June 2003, Belfast


For more details of forthcoming UK and international events see www.byzantium.ac.uk


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