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P. Armstrong, review of J.-M. Spieser, Die Byzantinische Keramik aus der Stadtgrabung von Pergamon. Pergamenische Forschungen, 9,  Journal of Roman Archaeology, 13 (2000), 825–826

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http://www.oup-usa.org/isbn/0199255245.html (USA)
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B. Crostini
, ‘Navigando per il Salterio: Riflessioni intorno all’Edizione Elettronica del Manoscritto Londra, British Library, Addit. 19.352’, Bollettino della Badia greca di Grottaferrata, 55 (2001), 1–25 (Part I is a review article of C. Barber, Theodore Psalter, Electronic Facsimile, CD-ROM ed., University of Illinois Press and British Library: Champaign, 2000)

B. Crostini, ‘A fourteenth-century homiliary for nuns: structure, contents and context of MS. Cromwell 22’, Byzantinische Zeitschrift, 95 (2002) (in press)

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B. Crostini, review of M.F. Auzépy, L'hagiographie et l'Iconoclasme Byzantin: Le cas de la Vie d'Étienne le Jeune (Birmingham Byzantine and Ottoman Monographs, 5, Aldershot, 1999) in The Catholic Historical Review (October 2000), 656–658

A. Hirst
, ‘C.P. Cavafy: Byzantine historian’, Kampos: Cambridge Papers in Modern Greek, 8 (2000), 45–74

A. Hirst, ‘Cavafy’s Cavafy versus Savidis’s Cavafy: the need to de-edit the “acknowledged” poems’, in the electronic subscription journal Greekworks (www.greekworks.com/english/arts/archives.asp, 1 March 2002)

R. Jordan
, The Synaxarion of Evergetis, I, Text and Translation, September to February (BBTT, 6.5, Belfast, 2000), xii+583

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D. Krausmüller
, ‘Leontius of Jerusalem, a theologian of the seventh century’, The Journal of Theological Studies, 52 (2001), 637–657

D. Krausmüller, ‘Fainting fits and their causes: a topos in two Middle Byzantine metaphraseis by Nicetas the Paphlagonian and Nicephorus Ouranos’, Gouden Hoorn, 9 (2001), 10–15

M. Mullett
, ‘The “Other’’ in Byzantium’, Strangers to themselves: the Byzantine outsider, ed. D.C. Smythe (SPBS, 11, Aldershot, 2000), 1–22

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J. Rutherford
, ‘Byzantine asceticism: a stranger to the church?’, Strangers to themselves, ed. Smythe, 41–48

J. Rutherford, One hundred practical texts of perception and spiritual discernment from Diadochos of Photike. Text, translation and introduction (BBTT, 8, Belfast (2000), xii+184

D.C. Smythe
(ed.), Strangers to themselves: the Byzantine outsider (SPBS, 11, Aldershot, 2000), 1–22

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D.C. Smythe, Two articles: ‘Homosexuality’ (2000 words) and ‘Minorities’ (2000 words) for the Encyclopedia of Greece and the Hellenic Tradition, ed. G. Speake (London, 2000)

D.C. Smythe, Three articles: ‘Censorship in Byzantium’ (2000 words), ‘Gerontios of Lampe’ (1000 words) and ‘John Italos’ (1000 words) for Censorship: A World Encyclopedia, ed. D. Jones (London, 2001)


M. Mullett, 'New literary history and the history of Byzantine literature: a worthwhile endeavour?', Pour une nouvelle histoire de la littérature byzantine; Actes du colloque international philologique Nicosie 25-28 mai 2000, ed. P. Odorico and P. Agapitos (Paris, 2002), 37-60



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