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    Benefactors' Library (Belfast): contains a collection of 500 volumes on the history and archaeology of Turkey, the gift of Professor Harrison’s widow Elizabeth; the collections of A.H.S.Megaw, a small collection of Byzantine art historical and archaeological volumes, the offprint collection of Sir Steven Runciman, and various gifts and exchanges.    
    The Evergetis archives (Belfast): site negatives and photographs, microfilm, offprints, books concerned with middle Byzantine monasticism      
    The Modern Greek collection (Belfast): comprises books for the teaching of Modern Greek given by the Onassis Foundation or bought with a grant from the Hellenic Foundation, supplemented by gifts of books from a number of institutions in Greece.      
    The Cowen Library (Newcastle) contains books, monographs and off-prints for the teaching of Byzantine archaeology      
    The Gertrude Bell archive (Newcastle) includes a collection of all Bell's photographs (6,000), papers and an imporant collection of her books on Byzantine and Islamic archaeology" Add "held in the School of Historical Studies University of Newcastle upon Tyne and The Robinson Library.
  Bell at Uzuncaburc  
    The Sussex Image Archive: images set up for different projectors, computers set up specifically for postgraduate student use, a scanning facility, access to multimedia images and project-specific resources. It contains 96,300 slides, and is staffed by an Image Archivist.      



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