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Partner Institutions

Institute of Byzantine Studies
Queen's University Belfast

The Institute of Byzantine Studies is housed in a Georgian terrace on a tree-lined street, University Square, facing the main campus (which itself dates from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries). We organise seminars, dayschools and graduate days here, and take a house in Portaferry for our research colloquia. As well as our new team of teaching and research staff we have associates of the Institute, in every school of the Faculty and beyond, who encourage interdisciplinary activities, help in our research training, and collaborate with us in other ways.


    School of Historical Studies
University of Newcastle upon Tyne

The School of Historical Studies includes three subject areas, History, Classics and Archaeology and provides a lively and supportive environment in which to study and research. Newcastle has a long history of Byzantine Archaeology and the links with other subject specialisms in the School provide an ideal complement to the AHRB Centres in Sussex and Belfast. The University of Newcastle upon Tyne has excellent resources and lies near the vibrant heart of the city: five minutes' walk from the centre, 15 minutes from the railway station and less than half an hour from the airport. At the heart of the University campus is the elegant and imposing Armstrong Building which is the home of Historical Studies. Masters and research students are accommodated on their own floor of the Line Building.

Department of Art History
University of Sussex

The Sussex Centre is the focus for scholarship in art history at the University of Sussex. It develops the research culture established in the subject at Sussex, which was ranked an excellent 5 in the most recent national research assessment exercise. Centre programmes emphasise interdisciplinarity and often attend to the materiality of art objects; they foster the innovative study of visual culture within the context of a broad range of theoretical approaches. Each term, the Centre sponsors a series of seminars that provide a forum for the discussion of issues central to the field. Public lectures, symposia, workshops and conferences are also organised to address topics of current debate.

Since 1999, the Centre has raised almost a million pounds of grant income for academic research and research into teaching practice. This has funded research leave and a number of long-term projects that bring to Sussex groups of scholars for collaborative research.


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